Outlook for Dummies 

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By Bill Dyszel


Get a new outlook on your e-mail and management tasks with Outlook 2003 and the fast and friendly advice you’ll find in Microsoft Outlook for Dummies. Organize and prioritize your e-mail in a flash, create your own personalized e-mail stationery for home or office, and improve your time management by tracking all your messages, meetings, and to-dos in one easy place.


Microsoft Outlook For Dummies helps you manage all your business basics, from creating custom business forms to sharing information across your intranet. Find and subscribe to the newsgroups that keep you informed, entertained, and up-to-date, or make your records easy to reference by using the Outlook Journal.


Microsoft calls its new version of Outlook a "Desktop Information Manager," but you’ll call it "invaluable" as you keep track of all the information that once cluttered your desk -- and your life -- in one convenient place.